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Love & Passion

The World's No.1 Umeshu company

With over 100 years of history, expertly crafting Umeshu and Japanese originated flavor beverages.

Plum Wine and Foods


Unique alcoholic beverage made from Japanese Ume fruit

The Ume fruit is rich in historical tradition within Japan. Homemade Umeshu was a staple in households centuries ago, and CHOYA carries that tradition into the present and future.

Umeshu Plum Wine


Authentic Umeshu is made from three ingredients

  • Ume fruit
  • Sugar
  • Cane spirits

Simple ingredients create complexity, sweet taste with a refreshing crisp finish.

Plum and Sugar in Jar


Pure Ume Quality

Simple ingredients require the finest agriculture. It starts from the soil. CHOYA works hand in hand with Ume farmers in Japan to make the best Ume fruits.

Plum with Hands


The Flavor of Ume

CHOYA uses opulent amounts of Ume to bring out the best flavor. Perfected through 100 years of practice and experience.



Extracting the Umami of Ume

The flavor of CHOYA is from the Ume fruit. Proprietary aging and blending techniques unique to CHOYA creates the highest quality Ume for Umeshu.

Aging Plum wine