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Exploring CHOYA Uji Green Tea

09.15.2023 | Blog

Exploring CHOYA Uji Green Tea

CHOYA, a trailblazer in the Umeshu industry, has continuously embraced innovation, introducing new products such as organic Umeshu, flavored Umeshu, and non-alcoholic Umeshu in recent times. Among these, CHOYA Uji Green Tea has been making significant strides in the United States.

Originating from Kyoto, Japan, CHOYA Uji Green Tea is meticulously crafted from carefully selected green tea leaves. The leaves undergo an extensive drying process to accentuate their invigorating aroma. Employing an innovative cold brew technique, CHOYA accentuates the nuances of the green tea's flavor profile. With an alcohol content of 7.5%, this variant boasts a lower alcohol volume compared to other offerings from CHOYA, aligning seamlessly with the prevailing trend towards low-alcohol and ready-to-drink beverages. The resultant beverage delivers a harmonious blend of mild green tea flavor and subtle sweetness, coupled with an invigorating and revitalizing sensation.

Ways to Savor CHOYA Uji Green Tea:

1. Straight Enjoyment:

Thanks to its inherent balance, CHOYA Uji Green Tea is a delightful standalone experience. It can be enjoyed as is, served either chilled or hot, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate its distinct attributes without any additional embellishments.

2. On the Rocks Delight:

For those impromptu moments, enjoying CHOYA Uji Green Tea over ice offers a swift and convenient indulgence. Varying the quantity of ice allows for an exploration of flavor transformations as the ice slowly melts.

3. Cocktail Artistry:

With its unique flavor profile, CHOYA Uji Green Tea has gained popularity as a sought-after cocktail ingredient. Collaborating with skilled mixologists, CHOYA has curated a collection of bespoke cocktail recipes that harness the distinct essence of its products.

4. Tapioca Pearl Infusion:

Notably, some liken the taste of CHOYA Uji Green Tea to that of boba tea. The addition of tapioca pearls introduces a playful textural element, creating an engaging and enjoyable beverage experience.

CHOYA Uji Green Tea stands as a testament to CHOYA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of Umeshu craftsmanship. From its meticulous sourcing of ingredients to its innovative brewing techniques, CHOYA Uji Green Tea encapsulates the essence of quality and innovation, appealing to both aficionados and those new to the world of Umeshu.

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