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Collaboration with hololive English -Myth-‘s VTuber Ninomae Ina’nis!

02.16.2024 | News

We did a Collaboration with hololive English -Myth-'s VTuber Ninomae Ina'nis!

CHOYA had the pleasure of being able to work with VTuber Ninomae Ina'nis again. We did a collaboration during the summer, and we are so grateful for another opportunity to see CHOYA as a part of Ina'nis artwork. We cannot thank you enough for always showing your love and support of CHOYA!

This time around her favorite CHOYA drinks were made into characters, and she drew her inspiration from the colors and designs of the bottles to decide what type of “personality” the characters would have. The three CHOYA products featured were CHOYA Kokuto, CHOYA Uji Green Tea, and The CHOYA Golden Ume Fruit.

CHOYA Kokuto

CHOYA Kokuto

CHOYA Kokuto is made from premium Japanese Ume Fruit, Kokuto (black sugar), and Jamaica Dark Rum. Sweet aromas come from the Kokuto while the mellowness and uniqueness it brought out by the Jamaica Rum. It is known as one of our most versatile products as it is perfect for cocktails and is suitable for any social occasion. During the livestream Ina'nis was enjoying a glass of Kokuto where she revealed CHOYA Kokuto is her favorite.


CHOYA Uji Green Tea

CHOYA Uji Green Tea

Our CHOYA Uji Grean Tea is crafted from carefully selected green tea leaves from Kyoto and then a unique cold brew technique is used to bring out all the flavor profiles. This smooth blend between Umeshu and green tea is “Mama Ina's” favorite because of how clean the taste is as Ina’nis says. CHOYA Uji Green Tea has a lower alcohol volume making it CHOYA’s trending Ready to Drink option.

The CHOYA Golden Ume Fruit

CHOYA Umeshu with Fruit

The last item to be featured on the livestream was The CHOYA Golden Ume Fruit, which is noted for being our most authentic and traditional style of Umeshu. Made from the highest quality of premium Japanese Ume Fruit that CHOYA has to offer, it is in the “iconic tall bottles” as Ina'nis mentions, where the actual Ume Fruits can be seen inside.

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