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Introducing CHOYA’s New Venture with Onibi Beer

01.17.2024 | News


CHOYA has been steadily working towards the dream of sharing the delightful essence of Japanese Ume fruit on a global scale. Working closely with Ume farmers, nurturing Ume fruit, appreciating its cultural significance, and exploring creative possibilities, we are now ready for a new adventure. As a part of this initiative, we are happy to introduce "Ume No Tori," a product developed in collaboration with Onibi Beer.

"Ume No Tori" offers a crisp and refreshing flavor profile with unique sour notes inspired by Ume fruit. The beer is light-bodied, subtly sweet, and alluring in its simplicity. It offers a heightened experience of Ume fruit tartness compared to our traditional Umeshu products. "Ume No Tori" embodies a distinct new challenge for CHOYA, as we strive to expand the horizons of Ume's potential and continually explore fresh possibilities.

CHOYA is committed to continuing the exploration of Ume fruit's potential. Here's to a toast to the limitless possibilities of Ume fruit!

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