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Sharing Ume Magic Worldwide

12.08.2023 | Blog

Sharing Ume Magic Worldwide

At CHOYA, our mission is to bring the rich and vibrant culture of Japanese Ume to every corner of the globe. Partnering closely with Japanese local farmers, we cultivate the Ume fruit, safeguard Ume culture, explore innovative possibilities, and strive to share the power of Ume with people worldwide.


The CHOYA Ginza Bar

As part of CHOYA's ongoing initiatives, "The CHOYA Ginza Bar" stands as a testament to our commitment to spreading the Japanese Ume culture. In this unique space, we utilize The CHOYA lineups from our products to craft over 100 cocktails, evolving the culture of Umeshu, Japan's original liqueur, and sharing it with the world. Through collaborations with bartenders worldwide, we strive to amplify the unique qualities of Umeshu and share its magic on a global scale.
"The CHOYA Ginza Bar" serves as more than a place for unique cocktail development; it's a global endeavor. It strives to propagate the distinctive power of Umeshu globally through collaborations with bartenders from diverse corners of the world.


International Collaboration

In a spectacular celebration during World Cocktail Week 2023, CHOYA had the honor of hosting Andrew Macdonald, an amazing bartender from Vancouver, at The CHOYA Ginza Bar. Andrew brought his exceptional talent and creativity, infusing Vancouver's flair with CHOYA, creating an international fusion of tastes.

The CHOYA Ginza Bar


Dispelling Myths: Umeshu vs. Plum Wine

It is essential to note that Umeshu is often mislabeled as plum wine. However, authentic traditional Umeshu stands distinct from wine. CHOYA is steadfast in promoting Umeshu and aims to educate enthusiasts about the unique possibilities offered by this time-honored Japanese liqueur, steering away from the misconception of it being a mere plum wine. The CHOYA is our products lineup that is made from premium Ume fruit by authentic method of Umeshu creation.


Experience The CHOYA Ginza Bar

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